Tuesday, May 3, 2011

December 2012 Polar Shift - Knowing About the Unknown

Getting aware of the December 2012 Polar Shift is a very important and crucial step in surviving the predicted Doomsday of December 2012. Perhaps you have heard of the Doomsday conjectures for 2012, wherein there are several predictions about massive destruction taking place on our planet Earth. If you are not yet so much aware of this predicted phenomenon, then it is time for you to start reading about it. There are a lot of available resources in the Internet that can help you gain more knowledge about this predicted end of the world; which will definitely help you equip yourself with the survival kit you need to stay alive and live to tell the tale to the future generations. Here are some of the other so many things that you should know about the December 2012 Polar Shift.

First, make sure you make your own research about the things that you still do not know and you feel you ought to know about these predictions on Earth come 2012. Find out about the significant things which you should expect happening with such polar shifts come year 2012. Do not be one of the millions of people all over the world who until now, are still unaware of such predictions.

Second, know what possible impact this phenomenon will have on your life come 2012 when it actually takes place. Study the various theories that are raised by different theorists and experts. Learn about the so-called geomagnetic or sudden shifts taking place on our planet Earth; that will bring about chaos in our nation.

Also, research about the hypothetical polar shift predicted to take place when the true poles of North and South finally break apart. While another theory, that of Einstein's, claims that the December 2012 Polar Shift will actually be triggered by the melting of some ice caps in the North and South poles where it is predicted that there will be an inequilibrium or loss of balance in our planet. That way, you can be prepared to what can really be true and what can be possibly false predictions only.

However, there are still other predictions and theories concocted by other great scientists including that of Charles Hapgood. He is actually one of the scientists who approved with the other two scientists' findings that such phenomenal incident will be brought about by the melting of the ice caps in the North and South poles. Whichever scientist may be accurate, it is still best to equip yourself with the appropriate survival kit in order to live that day.

Things predicted to be happening that you should be prepared of include that of experiencing big disturbances such as niggling tsunamis, massive volcanic eruptions, enormous typhoons, and high-intensity earthquakes that will come with these Polar Shifts 2012. And regardless of whether true or not, it will still be best to practice some cautiousness on your side at all times. It will not hurt to take heed to precautions and advices.

For more theories and information regarding the alleged phenomenon, visit December 2012 Polar Shift and think twice if this entire thing is a fact or just a myth!

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